Fox Drink Ledges Guest Guide

(Topics in alphabetical order)


There is an answering machine in the orange phone in the studio.


The bedroom has one queen sized bed and comforter with extra blankets in the closet.


Please replace your key in the lockbox on the front porch. Our housekeeper will reset the lockbox for our next guests.


A wireless, Brother MFC-6490 CW All-in-One/ Multi-function printer/scanner/fax is in the laundry room. Ink cartridges must be installed to use print function. Check with owner if you will need to use the machine.


See “Computer Printer.”


Please open the damper before starting a fire. Keep the screen in front of the fireplace at all time.


To avoid scratching the floors, we ask that guests not move furniture. If you would like something rearranged, we’ll be glad to consider your request. Some of the glass lamp shades and chimneys are original. Don’t be afraid to ask us to move anything to make you more comfortable.

Some of the furniture has original paint and patina. Please use coasters or a paper napkin when setting drinks on the tables and chests.


The hair dryer is in the hall closet on the shelves.


The living room has a propane Rinnai heater with a temperature control. The wall thermostat in the living room is inoperative. The bedroom, studio, and laundry room have electric, baseboard heaters with individual room thermostats. Be sure to lift the curtains off the electric heaters when in use.


Wireless DSL Internet is provided. Wireless Internet is available at Island Grocery on Westside Road and at the South Bristol Library on Route 129 on the mainland. If you expereince difficulty connecting to the Internet, unplu the power supply cord from the wall, wait 10 seconds, then plug power supply back into the wall. Wait 2 minutes for the modem and router to reset.


The iron and the ironing board are in the laundry room.


The front door key is in the lockbox on the front porch. Use it to open the door, then replace the key in the lockbox. This will keep the key from getting lost or locking yourself out. If you lose the key or lock yourself out, call Jeff at 805-441-3777. We must ask our guests not to move other keys in the house.


The kitchen is equipped with an electric stove, refrigerator, convection oven under the counter in the cabinet, tea pot, toaster, and dishware (plates, bowls, cups, and utensils) for four, plus an assortment of beverage glasses, and pots and pans. Sorry, no dishwasher, but there is a dish drainer. We ask that guests leave the kitchenware washed and put away.

It is safe to place hot pans on the soapstone counters. Staining water will leave marks that can be eased with olive or mineral oil found under the sink. Our housekeeper will make sure the counters are cleaned for the next guests, but please be mindful to wipe up spills.

Use cutting boards (except any painted ones) when cutting on the counters. The soapstone can take heat, but not cutting.


We’ve supplied the hall closet with a box of white, plastic 13 gallon trash bags for your dirty laundry. A self service laundromat is located in the Elm Street Center off Elm Street behind Reny’s Clothing Store. Operated by Colby & Gale Inc. (207) 563-1117. They also offer fold and fluff service.


To respect our neighbors, we ask that guests be mindful of noise after 10:00 p.m..


The clock radio (with an alarm) on the side table in the bedroom has a dock for an iPod or iPhone. The dock has an insert for an iPhone 3 GS, If you have a different model, remove the insert and look for the other one in the drawer. (None for iPhone 5 or newer.)

There is a radio and CD player and an assortment of music CDs in the blue green cabinet in the living room.


Enterprise Rent-a-Car operates out of Wiscasset and the Portland International Jetport. If you wish to pick up a rental car at the airport, contact Enterprise. Enterprise in Wiscasset will pick you up with 48 hours advance notice by calling 207-882-8393. Ask for Chrisara (Chris-Sara) or Mark. Enterprise direct number in Portland is 207-615-0030.


There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the property.


There is a portable telephone in the studio. The phone number is (207) 644-1712 if you’d like to receive calls. Calls within Maine are free, up to 1,000 minutes per month. You don’t need to wonder what is long distance for making in state reservations or calling friends.

Please use your cell phone for out-of-state calls. If you use AT&T, you may find coverage at the South Bristol town landing, or you may not. For Verizon subscribers, follow the trail to the ledges. The large rock on your left right before the bluff is the “Verizon rock.” Can you hear me now?


Sorry. None.


Towels are in the closet in the hallway.

Please leave the used bath and kitchen towels on the bathroom sink when you depart. To avoid water damage, please DO NOT hang wet towels on the furniture.


A large 39 gallon trash can is on the south side of the house (right side when facing the ocean). Please remember to secure the lid with the bungie cord. If the trash needs to be dumped, please give us a call. Extra trash bags are in the kitchen cabinet near the sink.


Please read “Caveats” before using the water. We supply one gallon of bottled water per day. Additional drinking water can be purchased in local stores. Free drinking water can be obtained from the exterior faucet on the fire station in Walpole at the intersection of Ridge Road and Clark’s Cove Road. Clark’s Cove Road is off Route 129 approximately 5 miles from the house. We refill our water containers when we drive into Damariscotta.


The weather can change several times in one day. If you will be away from the area for an extended period of time, please close all the windows to prevent rain from blowing into the house.


Send us an e-mail if you think we should include anything else to make your stay more comfortable.

For questions, availability, and to make a reservation, please check our VRBO listing or contact Sharon Lovejoy or Jeff Prostovich at or call 805-441-3777.