Some Caveats about Fox Drink Ledges

For cooking and human consumption, we use bottled water only. We supply our guests with one gallon of bottled water per day. Free refills at the town hall on your way to Damariscotta. Or, charge bottled water to our account at Island Grocery.

We use the tap water only for bathing, brushing our teeth (with hot water only), and washing our dishes and clothing.

The source of the tap water is an open, above ground, spring and rain-fed reservoir further down Miles Road. Residents and guests have used the water for over 60 years, but we can’t guarantee the quality. Use of the tap water is at your own risk.

Because the open reservoir is subject to fallen leaf debris, the water may be discolored and cause discoloration of your clothing and linens. Use of the washer and dryer is at your own risk.

The charming stove is a 1928 electric Hotpoint that we call Augustine because its legs are as good as Sharon’s grandmother. The oven is used for storage, not cooking.

There is a Delonghi convection oven in a cabinet under one counter and a microwave under another.

The stove top burners take attention. It's not a matter that they don't work. They have worked fine for us. If one is unfamiliar with the stove, one can't turn it on and walk away expecting that it will come on. It’s apparent after a few seconds if the switch makes a connection.

If it doesn't, rotate the dial and try again. We've never had it not come on. Patience is all that is needed. You can hear the heating element when it’s working.

We've been tempted to buy a new stove, but the 1928 Hotpoint is the same age at the camp, and we voted for charm over practicality.

We use mainly the front left one for heating water and cooking. The knobs have three settings and an off position. Turn the knob counterclockwise to Low, Medium, or High.

For questions, availability, and to make a reservation, please check our VRBO listing or contact Sharon Lovejoy or Jeff Prostovich at or call 805-441-3777.